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For FHIR intake

  1. DD&T Intake Form – Project team submits the DD&T intake form and associated materials via REDCap

Associated materials include

  • Intake Form
  • Application screen shots
  • Application data flow map
  • Completed UCSF IT Security review (if applicable)
  • Signed BAA (if applicable)
  • Signed IP agreement (if applicable)

NOTE: The intake form must be completed a minimum of two weeks before the committee meeting during which the application review is desired

  1. Meet with Your Clinical Guide – Assigned Clinical Guide meets with the project team to review the project in depth and prepare to represent the ask at DD&T
  2. Committee Review for Sandbox Access – During the Wednesday committee meeting, the Clinical Guide presents the project along with his or her recommendation, and the discussion is opened to the full committee for a decisions to grant to access the Sandbox
  3. Committee Decision – Within three business days after the committee meeting, the Program Manager sends the applicants the approval status, associated feedback, and next steps

Contact [email protected] for questions and inquiries.