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Building API

Provides building metadata from Archibus (building id, floor, room, room-split) for use by other systems to simplify entry of addresses and improve accuracy of address information.

SIS Course Enrollment API

Student Information Systems (SIS) Course Enrollment API returns information on schools. Terms API returns information on terms. Departments API returns information on departments. Subjects API returns information on subjects. Courses API returns information on courses and on students enrolled in a particular course. Course Enrollments API returns students, instructors and status of enrollments in a particular course. Instructors with Enrolled Students API returns instructors from enrollment records (this can be used to get the list of instructors chosen by students for an independent study course).

ServiceNow API

Use this API to call into the ServiceNow API in order to create a new INCIDENT ticket in ServiceNow for a specified assignment group.


Provide student information (for only those UCSF students enrolled in cross-campus courses) from the Student Information System to the CCES Hub via the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Receive enrollment (or drop) information for UCSF students enrolled in cross-campus course from the CCES Hub via the ESB and record this in the Student Information System (SIS). Receive grade information for UCSF students enrolled in cross-campus course from the CCES Hub via the ESB and record this in SIS.


FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, provides a lightweight REST-based access layer for standard HL7-defined data models. FHIR solutions are built from a set of modular components called “Resources”. Available FHIR resources include Patient, Allergy, Medication, Medication Order, Procedure, Device.

Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)

Search member using lastName, firstName, middleName, gender and date of birth from MDM. All parameters except middleName and gender are required. MDM does a probabilistic match and return all the records that matched with one or more of the input values passed in the query parameter. Each record will have a corresponding match score. Record with a highest match score is the closest match to the values searched in MDM.

Advance CV API

Advance is a secure web-based application that provides faculty, academics, and academic personnel administrators with academic profile information, as well as online tools designed to manage the academic appointment and advancement process. The CV API provides CV data from Advance to other systems, CV data includes information about grants, publications, teaching, honors, etc.

UCSF Profiles, powered by CTSI, is a repository of open data 8000+ UCSF researchers, faculty, and postdocs, designed to make it easy to learn about and connect with researchers based on their areas of expertise. The data behind Profiles is available free of charge, and can be used to build websites, perform research analytics, etc. The UCSF Profiles API is used by dozens of websites and applications across UCSF and beyond.

Ilios API
An API providing secure access to the full curricula for Ilios-enabled UCSF programs and schools.