Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI)

Victor Galvez

Search member using lastName, firstName, middleName, gender and date of birth from MDM. All parameters except middleName and gender are required. MDM does a probabilistic match and return all the records that matched with one or more of the input values passed in the query parameter. Each record will have a corresponding match score. Record with a highest match score is the closest match to the values searched in MDM. 

Current Implementations
PokitDok (Canopy Health)


https://wiki.library.ucsf.edu/display/IntegrationServices/EMPI+API+-+Detailed+Interface+Specification (must login through MyAccess)

More Information
Access the API specification on the non-production API Portal through MyAccess Stage, review available resources and use the "Try It" functionality to explore the API.

To request access to the API, access the non-production API Portal and click the Request API Access button at the top right of the screen. The request will be sent to the owner of the API who will review it in accordance with the policies for accessing data from that system.